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How Will Dyslexia Games Help?

If a child does not learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn.

These mind training games are different from EVERYTHING you have ever tried because they focus on your student's TALENTS, not their weaknesses!

Dyslexia Games is a series of workbooks packed with learning activities that empower your student's brain with new abilities and new brain connections for literacy. Even older children, teens and adults who have been struggling for a long time can quickly build the mental skills needed to succeed in reading, writing and spelling!

The games are so intuitive that student will rarely need help from parents or teachers! This makes your job easy! Just use the books in order, and watch your student thrive! Before long he will be able to move on to normal schoolwork without the mental confusion caused by Dyslexia.

With Dyslexia Games there is NO grueling memorization, NO flash cards, NO boring text books and NO endless repetition of the same dull facts! Just fun and games for 15 to 20 minutes a day!

We consider your student's active mind and creative style to be a special gift, not a hindrance! That's why our worksheets are fun and interesting.

The pages include art games, pattern games and puzzles that require the student to tap into his natural problem solving skills and unique intelligence. Each workbook presents the student with increasingly challenging activities, while introducing him to the complexities of the written language through simple word games and poetry.

Dyslexia Games is the simplest, fastest, (and most affordable!) therapy to help your student to naturally overcome symptoms of Dyslexia, including letter reversals, poor spelling, messy handwriting, concentration problems, and reading confusion.

Help for Teens and Adults too!
Check out Dyslexia Games Series C!

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"I've seen a huge difference in my daughter's reading ability from the beginning of the school year."

- Annamarie C.
"I am so impressed by what your program is doing for some of my students. Their parents are also loving the independence of their children."

- Glenda Lourens M.Ed - Special Education Teacher/ESL Educator